About Me

Tall Tales from the Time Capsule

I am Drew Bergeron- the man, the myth, the legend. I decided to call this website “Iceberg922: Tall Tales from the Time Capsule,” since they both refer to my home and nicknames that have always stuck with me. The “Time Capsule” is my apartment where I do most of my work from. It is called the “Time Capsule” by myself and my sister as it has a famed 1960s to 1980s decor. This is why it always feels like home to me. I chose the name “Iceberg” as it was what I was most known for in high school and today. My friends told me that I had very clear skin and they took the first part of my last name, Bergeron, to give me the nickname “Iceberg.” Hence, if I started a business today, I might use this in the title. I have many hobbies, including traveling, listening to music, doing adventurous things, cooking, visiting, doing technological projects, and meeting new people. In case you are wondering, the pictures in this blog were taken on a mountain in Adelboden, Switzerland, a gondola in Venice, Italy, and a Mardi Gras ball where I was “Duke of Hephaestus.” This can give you a glimpse of a few of the experiences I’ve had. I believe that technology can make our world a better place and it is up to us to leave our world in a better place than we found it. It is through technology that we can connect, visit, teach, and learn about new cultures and people around the world. I want to work in this new “technological-based” economy by launching a company that provides solutions to educational institutions and private companies about how to use technology to their advantage. I think that it is through communication and technology that we can seek to understand people and their cultures better. In this ePortfolio, I identify my opinions, values, and solutions to the education world, and how we can improve them. I hope you enjoy it!




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