Educational Revolution

Here are my thoughts on Sir Ken Robinson’s Organic vs. Linear Educational Philosophy.

I think that I totally agree with the argument put forward by Sir Ken Robinson. For many years, we have based our education on the “industrial model,” instead of the “agriculture model,” where things are grown organically for the customization of the consumer. I think that in modern society, too many education systems are built around the premise that everything has to be the same. We have a great amount of standardized tests that look at the “industrial batches” that are produced at our schools and not really at the individual spirits of the people involved. Our modern-day learning environments fail to acknowledge that people are different and that our abilities and skills are also different. To change this, we should realize that life happens organically, and not in a linear fashion. Our education system should be customized to fit the model that realizes all of us “like our steaks cooked a certain way,” and that not all of us “like our steaks cooked the same.” This reality is not something that our education understands yet. In doing this, we need “customize” all learning and not “standardize” all learning. We should eliminate many standardized tests and design our curricula around different abilities and not around producing large batches of the same thing. If this rings true, we could use technologies like online portfolios and Skype to customize the educational experience for our students. Lessons could be taught from long distances apart and learning could be assessed through online portfolios to see what students are learning in school. This could then tell what benchmarks are being hit in our education system. If we made improvements like these, our education system would have a complete “revolution” and it would be better for students and teachers alike.


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