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The background to this technology plan came from the fact that I am actively involved in the HOBY organization. A few years ago, I received training for the new Web2Project that our organization was implementing. It was brand new for the Louisiana chapter…a new software program for a change in curriculum. It established the first time that HOBY used online databases to see what all of their chapters were doing. A few years after this implementation, the switch was made to use ActiveCollab as a successor to the Web2Project. This was when I was given the responsibility to spearhead this development in Louisiana. It was completely new for me, and I almost did not know what to expect. After I used this system for a few years starting in 2012, I began to realize that we were not doing our best to implement this software effectively in our chapter. We had used it only as a back-up plan to do things by paper and pencil. By the year 2015, I began to realize at our seminar how bad things had gotten. We have achieved 100 percent compliance for all of our years, but have failed to fully implement this software in our program. I want this to be the model that defines my master’s degree and the implementation of this software program. I think we can make our seminar even better by making the back-of-the-house even better for all logistical functions involved. This is what I want to do for my project.

I decided to create this work using the “change model” that I developed myself as to how we might make this change work well. I think that we first have to see change as an opportunity, rather than a weakness. From here, we can “unlatch” ourself from the current technology, make the change to the new technology, and finally, allow ourselves to become comfortable with the new technology. In the video below, I outline the three-step process I plan to use to make this change in technology as well as the benefits to all of the learners involved in the change. I hope you enjoy it!



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