The Future of Innovation at HOBY….A Preview

What Does the Future Hold for HOBY?

In this week’s presentation, I want to give a brief introduction for how I plan to take my innovation plan to the next level. The HOBY organization was founded over 50 years ago as a foundation to build the leaders of tomorrow in today’s environment. In seminar sites all over the United States and the world, we take high school sophomores and transform them into the leaders they crave to be, one person at a time. They learn from speakers, mentors, and facilitators how to make their dreams come to reality. We also emphasize the importance of service to others in a local and a global context. I have been a staff member here since 2007, and in that time, I have seen a lot of things change. I have been a Facilitator, ActiveCollab Coordinator, Junior Counselor, and a member of the Louisiana HOBY Corporate Board.

My innovation plan seeks to address a need in our organization that no volunteer has ever tried to address. In recent years, we have had tremendous problems trying to get our seminar staff to understand new technology and how they can improve their seminar operations. This plan seeks to take the lessons that we have already learned about professional development and bring them up to the next level. When we have more engaged volunteers, we can have better ambassadors for our life-changing experiences.

HOBY has long had a training institute for our volunteers, but we have rarely ever tried to improve it so that it is more engaging for our staff. My plan takes a look at how our past will shape our future by looking at where we have come from, where we are, and where we need to go. In the powerpoint presentation below, I try to put this into perspective. In the past, I have created a creative learning design, an innovation plan, influencer strategy for our staff, and a professional learning plan that seeks to envision the new training program in action. The proposed innovation plan will begin at the Training Institute in August and take place over an entire seminar as our staff prepare to shape the minds of the leaders of tomorrow. Please click the link below to see the powerpoint presentation in action. I hope you enjoy it. This is just a preview of what is to come.




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