We Must HOPE Big for HOBY

For the second week assignment, I decided to take a look at seeing how I can take the previous three-column table and take it a bit further. If your take a look at my portfolio, I took the chance to design a professional learning plan called HOPE, or HOBY Organization Professional Engagement. I decided that I will design the modules in this course to go hand-in-hand with this professional learning plan. The modules in the course will be designed to take place over a series of weeks or a series of months. This course design will be a layout that can be customized depending on what the instructor deems necessary. In this outline, I will attempt to give great details about how I plan to achieve the vision for my course. In the description below, you will find a description of what will be accomplished in the first modules of the program. In this case, we will look at the first five modules in the line of the HOPE program.

An Outline for the First Part of This Online Course

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities
Introduction/The Beginning (Module 1)—Learners will understand the “why” behind blended learning in seminar operations. Staff will watch the video by Monique Markoff, the HOBY promotional video, and will analyze the literature review on volunteer retention

Discussion: Based on what you learned from the resources, how do you think blended learning could help volunteer retention at your seminar site?

Assignment 1: Staff will be asked to submit a broad “Why” Statement pertaining to the relevance of blended learning in staff training at their seminar site.
Blended Learning (Module 2)—Learners will begin to reflect on their own learning philosophy and will begin to establish the framework for blended learning systems in their seminar staff training. View the following videos and participate in a class discussion:

·       Constructivism

·       Learning philosophy

Discussion: After looking at your learning philosophy and the other resources, how do you plan to use blended learning in staff training?

Assignment 2: Develop a learning philosophy and identify how it pertains to blended learning at your seminar site. See how your passion for volunteering connects to the content area, staff training, and current human resource issues in this area.
Growth Mindset (Module 3)—Learners will use the growth mindset and discussions to collaborate about their seminar technology training and develop possible solutions to existing problems. Watch a video by Ken Robinson

Dr. Carol Dweck will give a presentation, in person or online, on the importance of the growth mindset

Discussion: How will you use the growth mindset to improve technology training at your seminar site?

Assignment 3: Create an infographic about how you will use the growth mindset to improve your seminar technology training. Make adjustments based on feedback from your colleagues in the organization. Include the following: your “why,” your learning philosophy, and your guidelines for the growth mindset at your seminar site.
Digital Tools (Module 4)—Learners will use digital tools to create digital lessons for their seminar sites regarding technology training for staff. Information will be given about digital tools that could be used in staff training.

Learners will be asked to look for the resources that they think will be the most valuable for their site

Discussion: How will you use digital tools at HOBY to make an impact in your seminar site and in staff development?

Assignment 4: Design an activity or lesson that uses a digital tool in a new fashion that makes an impact in your seminar staff training.
Digital Assessments (Module 5)—Learners will design assessment mechanisms to use in their technology training programs at their seminar site. Watch a video about a     “flipped”classroom

Discussion: How will digital tools add to the “flipped” learning environment at your HOBY seminar site? Brainstorm ways that they can solve existing problems in staff development and identify appropriate ways to assess your staff on their fluency with HOBY’s technology programs.

Learners will experiment with designs for an assessment mechanism for their seminar site using these digital tools.

Assignment 5: Design a comprehensive plan for how digital tools can help you accomplish blended learning in your staff training at your seminar site. This plan must be specific to your seminar staff and the audience viewing it. This plan should be posted on Schoology and should include connections and links to all previous assignments you completed in this course.


There will be a few required materials in this course. These include:

  • Computer
  • Wifi Access
  • Classroom (if necessary)
  • Camera for video chat
  • Printer (for handouts and guides posted online)
  • Microphone
  • Schoology

As you can see, I pretty much had designed this plan before. I made the decision to expand on the previous ideas of the three-column table that change with the format HOBY will use. Please use the link for the short course to see the updates to Schoology. The links to all of the videos are located in Schoology. With these guidelines in mind, I look forward toward big HOPE for the HOBY organization. In the next assignment, you will see the second part of this course module design.


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