Digital Resources for Higher Education

A Digital Reflection Involving Digital Resources

For the first assignment in EDLD 5317, I decided to take this time to give a reflection on my current views of my digital lifestyle, and where I will go into the future. I wrote a Powerpoint presentation with voiceover to further articulate my vision for creating powerful online digital resources. In this presentation, slides talk about the impact technology has had on my life, how I try to stay current with the latest trends, how I look toward the future, and how I contribute to learning networks in digital environments. I hope you enjoy listening to it. Cheers!

(click the link below to open the file)


Below this reflection I have included a list of resources about digital resources in higher education.

Students Online – Trends for 2014

Seven Level of Corporate Training and eLearning Development


Jane Dowd- Corporate Learning

Why Most Corporate Training and Development Programs Fail