Session Agendas

For this assignment, I was given the chance to spell out a professional learning plan for the HOBY organization. I now want to describe, in further detail, what I want to accomplish in our meetings, as indicated in the diagram on the other page.

  • Session 1-The Beginning
    • The first introduction to the HOPE program for professional learning
    • This session will take place at the Training Institute
      • After this
    • Learners will begin understanding the need for blended learning in seminar operations
    • We will have discussions and show videos about integrating staff training with a “flipped” classroom
    • A “walk and talk” activity will emphasize using constructivism through blended learning at HOBY
    • Each person will be responsible for completing an online discussion board about blended learning and its use at HOBY
  • Session 2-Blended Learning
    • This session will engage learners in designing blended systems for their seminar staff training
    • This session and all other subsequent sessions will be held online via Skype or on HOBY’s office headquarters in California
    • There will be a discussion on incorporating blended learning into staff training
    • A “walk and talk” activity will be about designing blended learning systems
    • This will be the first lesson on writing a plan for staff training
    • Seminar staff will be assessed on the progress they made writing their staff training plan and what it gives as the outcomes of learning
  • Session 3-Growth Mindset
    • Learners will discuss how to collaborate about their seminar technology training and how to incorporate the growth mindset inside of it
    • Videos by Dr. Peter Gray and Dr. Carol Dweck will be shown to reinforce the idea of a “growth mindset”
    • A discussion will be held to show why the growth mindset is important during staff training
    • A “walk and talk” session will be used to collaborate the ideas about a growth mindset in technology training
    • Learners will have to create an infographic about fostering the “growth mindset” during seminar technology training
    • Meeting will take place on campus or online via Skype
  • Session 4-Digital Tools
    • In this session, learners will discover how to use digital tools to design digital lessons for their seminar site
    • A lecture and discussion will be held about using digital tools at HOBY in staff development
    • Learners will spot and identify the resources that they think will be the most valuable for their site to use
    • A “walk and talk” session will be about using digital tools in a seminar setting
    • Meeting will take place on campus or online via Skype
    • Learners will design an activity that uses a digital tool in a new way
  • Session 5-Digital Assesment
    • In this session, learners will design assessment systems to use in their seminar sites
    • A video and discussion session will be held to collaborate ideas about digital tools in a “flipped” staff training
    • This meeting will be held either on campus or online via Skype and will be the last meeting before seminar sites pick a track they will go on
    • A “walk and talk” session will be about developing these assessment designs for training programs
    • All learners will be assessed based on their before and after assessments for their staff training

From here, learners will continue on to Session 6A or 6B, based on their fast or slow track sequence. Here are the guidelines for the final meetings:

  • Session 6A or 6B – Fast-Track (6A) or Slow-Track (6B) – Finishing Touches
    • These meeting will be either on campus or online via Skype
    • Learners will continue to discuss and change the assessment models that they developed
    • Learners will have a discussion with their seminar staff about their final training program plans and implement them at their seminar
    • A “walk and talk” session will be held to better collaborate about making the seminar run better
    • A discussion board will include putting plans together to better effect training at each seminar site
    • This will be the last meeting for all “fast-track” seminar sites

After the sixth session, the next part only applies to the “slow-track” seminar training.

  • Sessions 7-12 – Best Practices
    • These sessions will take place either online or at the seminar sites’ locations on an as-needed basis
    • Learners will continue to receive support for their training programs when they need it
    • A “walk and talk” session will be held at each meeting to discuss seminar best practices
    • Learners will discuss how a “flipped” classroom can be used in unfamiliar territory
    • Ā Online chats will help each seminar site share these ideas

PL Plan Start Page



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